Rijeka - Ferencváros 2014.07.17.
(European League ,2nd qualifying round - 1st match)
Around 300 Ferencvaros ultras without tickets stopped by Croatian police and not allowed to enter Rijeka .Ferencvaros president bought all tickets for away sector and gave them to regular fans...

The opening of the new stadium of Ferencváros . Ferencváros played with Chelsea but the real fans who are not welcomed anymore there, cause of very expensive tickets and sick security control like scanning your hand...organized their own match wit their friends - the fans of Rapid Wien . They played a nice game in great atmosphere, while on the new stadium everything was quite.

( 1100 Ferencváros fans arrived, but the security took the choreography of Ferencvaros . )

Ferencváros - Nyíregyháza 2015.08.24.

Vecsés - Ferencváros 2015.09.10. 
(Hungarian Cup - 2nd round)

Utras Ferencvaros were in the home sector with 800 of them, thanks to the leadership of Vecsés. Ultras told them they wil support without any trouble. However a men of Kubatov went to the real ultras and dropped a firework into the pitch. Picture (Click here) , Picture 2 (click here)
http://youtu.be/W7qkaKglG0c , ( from 19:05 )
In this video you can see that the capo of Ferencvaros went for the troublemaker. He was arrested later and the shameful action of Kubatov went public.

Ferencváros on tour Romania 2014.10.11.

(Demonstration for the Hungarian Football)

(Raise a toast to 2014)

(Women's Handball)

(Hungarian Cup - Quarter Final)

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