The Dutch police and the Hungarian mafia will monitor the supporters of Ferencváros together

On Thursday, Ferencváros will play Go Ahead Eagleas. Ferencváros received 370 tickets which can only be bought through to the board. The problems are that the fans cannot access these tickets because of their idiot president therefore it is expected that 100 fans will arrive without ticket to the dutch city. Many of them will come Hungary but a lot of them will be Hungarians who are working abroad in Germany, United Kingdom and etc.

The board of Ferencváros will send a security team to the venue in order to make sure that the fans who are against Kubatov and his actions will not try to enter the stadium. The security team is only called security but in reality they are full of criminals who were in prison for several crimes and some of them are part of criminal gangs and part of the Hungarian mafia.

They don’t have real license and in theory they should even do something like that in Hungary because there is a law for it. There was a number of cases when the Hungarian police banned them from their “security” services e.g. when in Debrecen, they were checking the tickets and they wanted to check the people because Ferencváros asked them but the police didn’t let them. They checked their names and 48 of them were in prison before and only two of them had license for security.

The board of Ferencváros announced measures which had created distaste among the fans. He built a new stadium instead of the old one which he sold to a french company so Ferencváros can only use the stadium when there is a game which is written in a contract. Also Ferencváros is the only team in the world which has a vein scanner and compulsory supporters card. Also it is restricted to travel to away games and they also changed several traditional things about Ferencváros.

Another problem with this is that Kubatov doesn’t even own the club, he was chosen by the current political regime. He had several conflicts before. Also he is member of the parliament in the current political party who is in power ( FIDESZ ). The biggest conflict which he had is that he made a list of the people which was about the people and it showed who they are voting for in the elections and he coded them as “enemies” and “friends” which had an effect on the election. Ferencváros have no other choice but to boycott the games and to protest against the president.

Kubatov Gábor got scared so he asked for help from criminals and ex-supporters by giving them authority. The leader of the “security” is a guy called Szőke Ferenc who was in prison for 14 years for murder but he had several other cases like blackmailing and kidnapping. Also most of the other members were part of robbery, fighting and etc. Some of them even have international warranty. Several of them even have prosecution against them now, one of them for murder because in a disco, they have brutally beaten up a young guy and they threw his body into to the river. Also there are some people who are dealing with drugs and with prostitutes.

They have beaten up several fans who were vocal against the president and they went to their flat more than once or they even went to their workplace. For these services, Kubatov is helping them with their cases in order to make sure they don’t get prison. Several years ago he helped a guy to not get a prison because of a shooting even though it was all over the news and it happened front of a children hospital and some of the bullets even hit the buildings. It was pure luck that no tragedy happened that day.

Probably the members of this “security” team will be there tomorrow and they will only have license from Kubatov. The Hungarian government doesn’t recognise them. We are waiting for the reaction by the dutch police and we will see if they work together with these criminals or not.

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