(Championship League ,2nd round ,2nd match)

DVSC - Felcsúti-Akadémia 2014.08.09.
(In 1986, Hungarian football died, since then they are just bringing some flowers to its grave, some people bring one kind, some people another kind but it is a fact that the ones who are responsible today dug even deeper and from here there is no resurrection, the curse is forever.)

(Hungarian Cup ,2nd round)

(Women's Handball , Szívtiprók Ultras Debrecen 20 years old)

(Nyíregyházi válasz kiírása : ... megöltétek a derbit !)

(Women's Handball)

(Debrecen hooligans stolen from Békéscsaba 2 banners .)

(Friendly game without supporters card so back to ultras)
(The supporter not criminal)

(Battle for 5th position
Direction to Europe , Women's Handball)

(Women's Handball)
(from last match between 2 teams.)

DVSC - Siófok 2015.05.08.
(Women's Handball , R.I.P. Dawid )

(Women's Handball)
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