A következő címkéjű bejegyzések mutatása: English article. Összes bejegyzés megjelenítése
A következő címkéjű bejegyzések mutatása: English article. Összes bejegyzés megjelenítése

Detectives analysed 380 DNA sample, they checked call histories and they even looked up bus drivers because Kubatov Gábor ( president of Ferencváros, member of FIDESZ) was feeling threatened and he felt that his family was in danger. For this reason he asked detectives and the police to investigate about the situation.

According to a Hungarian newspaper, Kubatov Gábor launched an investigation in two different cases. One of the case was when around the house of Kubatov, there was a banner which said " Our soul is at the stands and your soul is in a death row" and the other case was because of the "threats" on the internet.

The Hungarian newspaper also mentions that on this case, the Hungarian "FBI" was the one who was carrying out the investigations and the authorities asked them for 378 samples which was 3 million HUF. This was not enough so the detectives also asked phone services to give them data about the call history during the day when the banner was raised and they also asked the Transport office of Budapest to search bus drivers.

The newspaper also mentions that Kubatov Gábor gave a list to the detectives which was a lot of information about some supporters and this included a lot of different names and in some cases even phone numbers. The information also had specific information about the date of birth, nicknames and etc. Even after spending this much money, they didn't actually find anyone to blame it on.

About the "threats" on the internet, the detectives asked several people for evidence and they even asked one of the operators of Facebook to gave them the IP-address which is used for the Facebook accounts. They also had interrogation with a person who was an editor of an old website and the previous owner of that domain. According to the newspaper, the detectives actually found two person guilty and the prosecutors decided to prosecute these people.

Defending our borders: Waiting for orders

Aggressive refugees are attacking our borders. Some of them may be refugees who want mosques instead of churches and burka instead of skirts.

We need to defend our country and Europe again like we always did in our 1000 years old history even if we will not get nothing in return like before..

We have to put our differences aside with the police, politicians, different political parties, bankers and we should be ready.

We are informing Áder János ( President of Hungary) that more than 1000 of Hungarian ultras are ready to defend the borders.

If we get orders then we will defend our border with or without weapons. We will be available everywhere and anytime.

Every ultra is preparing to defend the borders and if there will be orders, then all of us will be there.

Law in Hungary:
(1) Every Hungarian has a duty to defend the country

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The Dutch police and the Hungarian mafia will monitor the supporters of Ferencváros together

On Thursday, Ferencváros will play Go Ahead Eagleas. Ferencváros received 370 tickets which can only be bought through to the board. The problems are that the fans cannot access these tickets because of their idiot president therefore it is expected that 100 fans will arrive without ticket to the dutch city. Many of them will come Hungary but a lot of them will be Hungarians who are working abroad in Germany, United Kingdom and etc.

The board of Ferencváros will send a security team to the venue in order to make sure that the fans who are against Kubatov and his actions will not try to enter the stadium. The security team is only called security but in reality they are full of criminals who were in prison for several crimes and some of them are part of criminal gangs and part of the Hungarian mafia.

They don’t have real license and in theory they should even do something like that in Hungary because there is a law for it. There was a number of cases when the Hungarian police banned them from their “security” services e.g. when in Debrecen, they were checking the tickets and they wanted to check the people because Ferencváros asked them but the police didn’t let them. They checked their names and 48 of them were in prison before and only two of them had license for security.

The board of Ferencváros announced measures which had created distaste among the fans. He built a new stadium instead of the old one which he sold to a french company so Ferencváros can only use the stadium when there is a game which is written in a contract. Also Ferencváros is the only team in the world which has a vein scanner and compulsory supporters card. Also it is restricted to travel to away games and they also changed several traditional things about Ferencváros.

Another problem with this is that Kubatov doesn’t even own the club, he was chosen by the current political regime. He had several conflicts before. Also he is member of the parliament in the current political party who is in power ( FIDESZ ). The biggest conflict which he had is that he made a list of the people which was about the people and it showed who they are voting for in the elections and he coded them as “enemies” and “friends” which had an effect on the election. Ferencváros have no other choice but to boycott the games and to protest against the president.

Kubatov Gábor got scared so he asked for help from criminals and ex-supporters by giving them authority. The leader of the “security” is a guy called Szőke Ferenc who was in prison for 14 years for murder but he had several other cases like blackmailing and kidnapping. Also most of the other members were part of robbery, fighting and etc. Some of them even have international warranty. Several of them even have prosecution against them now, one of them for murder because in a disco, they have brutally beaten up a young guy and they threw his body into to the river. Also there are some people who are dealing with drugs and with prostitutes.

They have beaten up several fans who were vocal against the president and they went to their flat more than once or they even went to their workplace. For these services, Kubatov is helping them with their cases in order to make sure they don’t get prison. Several years ago he helped a guy to not get a prison because of a shooting even though it was all over the news and it happened front of a children hospital and some of the bullets even hit the buildings. It was pure luck that no tragedy happened that day.

Probably the members of this “security” team will be there tomorrow and they will only have license from Kubatov. The Hungarian government doesn’t recognise them. We are waiting for the reaction by the dutch police and we will see if they work together with these criminals or not.

Hungarian Liberal media (hir24.hu) made the interview with Ferencváros Capo :

He is the leader of the Ferencváros ultras: Capo who leads Ferencváros outside of the stadium. The Capo, who got banned by Kubatov Gábor. The Capo who stands against vein scanner and organises demonstration with 6000 people attending. Interview with Ádam Hamberger:

Do you get chosen by the people or you fight for the role of the Capo?
It depends. The fan life is like an underground movement where there is one ranking which is not said however everyone knows what is his role and what to do. There isn’t a vote for to become a Capo and also there isn’t a situation where I stand up and I say “I want to become a Capo”. A lot of people recommended it and this is how I became a Capo.

Being a Capo is a nickname or it is a ranking in the movement?
It is a ranking. It is an Italian word.

The ultras in your group listen to you even if you are outside of the stadium or not really?
Yes, they listen.

To be honest, I was expecting a beast who is like 140 kg however you are definitely in a great shape but an average young men so how did you became the Capo?
It is all about the charisma and of course I love sports therefore I visit the gym very often and I do thai boxing in the Fradi-boxing Fight Club.

Street fighters?
It is a sporting organisation which was created by the fans of Ferencváros for the fans. Boxing, Thai boxing and MMA training is all available and professional and non-professional fans all attend our trainings.

What is that scar on your hand?
It happened during training where I accidentally hit someone at the wrong place.

What skills are needed for a Capo?
Charisma is really important and also you need to be a person who can be a role model for the group and they can identify with me. You need to have prestige and the most important thing is to show that you really care about the group and you put your heart out for the group.

What is your daytime job?
I have a very average job. I will be 26 this year and I attended ELTE University where I studied Politics. In 2006, when there was the “őszödi speech” and the riots on the street and the whole country was giving opinions about politics, I thought to myself that there is a future in politics.

Did you attend the riots in 2006?
I don’t want to talk about this now.

Did you want to become a politician?
Not really. I thought that if a person learns about politics then he is able to improve the situation of the country however I didn’t see the potential therefore I decided to pursue other things in my life so I left politics.

Being a capo and controlling the group is like controlling a political party, isn’t it?
Not really, however there are some similarities.

Does your group have any connection with a political party?
We are not controlled by any political party.
A lot of people say that Jobbik has a big influence on your group and the protests against Kubatov has the aim to make Jobbik more powerful which would have an effect on Fidesz and on their budget which they spend on football.

You have been around as a Capo in the meetings between the club and the ultras for more than 3,5 years and in the end you couldn’t agree.
Yes, I was there on all of them.

The conflict started when he said that in the new stadium there will be vein scanner to identify the fans. For this reason the ultras decided to boycott all the games, even during the “Derby” there was a boycott and you watched the game on a big screen at the Népliget. Who’s fault is the situation?
It is Kubatov Gábor. The fans had a lot of faith about the president. For three years, we had a good relationship with the president and we were on the same lines and suddenly he decided to take a u-turn and started to bring in the vein scanner and other restrictions.

Kubatov says that after 3,5 years of talks, he realised that the ultras doesn’t understand the rules and they don’t want to support their team with manners and if Hungary doesn’t make racism, riots from the stadiums then the UEFA will keep punishing us and we will receive penalties and closed door games and they may even ban us from international games. Should we receive all of these punishments just because the Ultras want to have fun?
I think there is no place for racism in the stadium however we do not agree with all these strict rules. We wanted to find a solution with Gábor.

Before the ultras started to boycott the games, there were a lot of racist chants from the ultras
Since, I am the capo of the group, I have never started a song which has chants about Jews.

Did the “the train is going to Auschwitz” song happened before you?

What is your opinion about that?
I don’t really care about it.

Is it a fun song or is it a crime?
If I would think that singing about Jews would have a place on the stands then there would be songs about Jews. If I would start to chant about Jews, everyone would continue because they follow my chants. It happened several times in MTK games when someone started to insult Jews and I said to them to “stop this and I started to chant Hajrá Ferencváros (Come on Ferencváros)”. We control the whole stand and we are able to control the situation and have an effect on the fans. Anyone can have their opinion about anything however there are things which should not be in the stands.

There is a guy who has a similar moustache to Hitler and he has a Fradi shirt which says Adolf in the back. What is your opinion about him?
It is his decision how he wants to look. If he feels good then I can do nothing about it. The interesting thing that he visited the games with his family.

Chanting “gipsies”, “homosexuals”, “dirty viola”, “Purple monkeys”, “purple bitch” happened during your time and there were times when the ultras were making monkey sounds. Do you think it is not over the limit?
This isn't the same like chanting about Jews. I have never encouraged people to make monkey sounds however I have to say that the ultras are not making monkey sounds because they are racist, they are doing this because they want to make the coloured footballers angry.

Is it just a joke to call someone a monkey?
Maybe, I have a different thinking compared to others but I don't care about these things, I only care about support.

You dont care?
What is the first reaction when an Újpest player kicks a Ferencváros player. A person always hurts the other with a thing which hurts the most. If I am sensitive about being small then if someone says “whats up, midget”. The people are like this, you can’t change them. This is part of the culture in the stands, this is why sometimes we call someone a “gipsy”, “homosexual” and etc. or we insult their mother.

A couple of minutes ago you said that racism has no place in the stadium then you say calling someone a “gipsy” is ok. What is that about?
When we call someone a gipsy then we are not calling them a gipsy because we are racist.

Why then?
It just happened, it is our habit. Calling someone a gipsy is an insult however we are not talking about the gipsies when we insult the other groups because we don’t care about ethnicity.

The UEFA, FIFA, MLSZ and Kubatov Gábor and the people who write dictionary think that calling someone a “gipsy” is racism.
They are hypocrites. If you walk on the street you hear more swearing and racism than in a football game and I am not even talking about the internet.

Do you have a kid?

If you will ever have one then will you take him to “Üllői út”?
If I would not take him/her to the stadium for this reason then I would not have TV and internet at home and I would not let him/her to the kindergarten or to the school, just because he could hear swearing. I would not let him/her out of the room. Would that be the solution? Hypocrisy. The stands are nowhere compared to whats going on the world. When a small 12 year old girl puts a picture on Facebook where she is nearly naked and she sees the people in the reality shows getting drunk and having sex then I don’t think it would disturb her, if she would hear “dirty Újpest”

You will have the same attitude like these people if you insult people when you are chanting the songs.
I don’t think so. People should notice that ultras collect money every year for kids hospitals, we take poor families abroad and we provide a very cheap training in our Boxing club for everyone. We have a lot of positive actions. Already is one positive thing that we are doing sports. We have a campaign that we don’t drink before games. For example I have only drank alcohol twice in the last 10 years in a football game. We try to teach the people to be similar.

There was a friendly game in Budapest between Hungary and israel where a small group of the ultras turned their back and started to chant “dirty jews” and other anti-semitic chants during the 90 minutes. The consequence for this was that we had to play the game against romania in closed doors and MLSZ had to pay 40,000 Swiss Francs.
I remember

Did you attend this game?
I don’t usually visit national team games however I was there that time.

Did you turn your back too?
I sat on the side and thats it. My opinion is that it was a very bad decision to organise a friendly against israel before the game against romania.

Because, everyone knows what feelings we have for israel.

What feelings?
Tense feelings. By the way, when we went to bucharest, there was 40,000 people were booing during our national anthem and they were chanting anti-Hungarian songs and nothing happened and they didn’t have to play behind closed doors.

Ferencváros had to play behind closed doors after the Ultras have displayed a banner about Csatáry László during the game against MTK in August 2013. The board of Ferencváros was really angry about it and they said this is one of the reason why they implemented these strict rules.
I still don’t get why it is a problem that the group remembered a person who they thought is worth remembering about.

Csatáry László was the commander of the ghetto in Kassa and during his time, they deported 15,000 people to Auschwitz. After the war he changed his name and went to Canada. In 1948 he received death penalty in Czechoslovakia however he was away. When they found who he really is then they took away his Canadian nationality. You remembered about him against MTK so why you don’t understand the anger?
People say, that the winners write history. By the way, when it was his death our first home game was against MTK. If we had any other opponents for example Pápa then we would had made a banner against them.

When you say that “winners write history” you suggesting that Csatáry is innocent? There are evidence and a decision by court which says that he is a war criminal.
What he did or what he didn’t is not my job to decide and I don’t want to think about this anymore.

Were you part of the banner making?
The whole thing was created by the Ferencváros ultras and they were the people who showed it.

Including you?
I didn’t hold anything, like I already said, I stand in the fence.

We were just talking about the fact that the ultras do what you tell them.
The only thing I did was that I read what will be on the banner and the whole group was clapping.

It was terrifying.
By the way we showed the banner to a person who was part of the board of Ferencváros. (not Kubatov Gábor). However it is another thing if he knew who is Csatáry László

Who was that leader?
I dont want to name him.

It doesnt count like that.
We showed it to the person who always checks our banners. I am not the person who tells on other people.

We can be “hypocrites” however we both know that it was provocation to make a banner about Csatáry against MTK. Like you said “A person hurts the other with a thing which he knows that hurts him”.
We can call it a provocation, if we really want to.. however I still think that the banner didn’t have anything do with judaism and definitely not to MTK.

So what's the whole thing about?
The thing is about that Csatáry was persecuted and he was convicted for things which either happened or not. This is a little bit similar of how they criminalise fans. We have the same problem that when someone does in our group then they criminalise the whole group and they call everyone is a criminal. By the way, if we think about it then a politician should not be on the stands and should not be in the world of football but still Ferencváros has a president who is a politician so why we cannot display a banner about Csatáry?

How is this relevant?
It is relevant because in 2006-2007 there was a lot of political message on the stands about Gyurcsány but Fidesz didn’t have any problem about that. However, Fidesz has the power now and if we criticise their action then immediately it is a problem that politics have a place in football.

Critising the leaders wasnt the problem, the problem was that you remembered a war criminal.
I think the right thing is that everyone writes what they think it is good. There was a banner at the stadium of Újpest where they said “homosexual Hamberger” and I didn’t care. I didn’t care because I tolerate these things. If someone thinks I should deserve to die and it is his opinion.

Anything can be said in the stadium?
In my opinion, yes. I am a fan of freedom of speech. The community on the stands can send a message to the people and to the authorities with chants or with banners. Why we shouldn’t give our honest opinion.

It is because there is a limit and there are the other Ferencváros supporters and a lot of them thinks that banners and racist chants are offensive. Also there are the thousands of people who are watching these games and they don’t expect these things.
The banner of Csatáry László wasn’t raised where the other Ferencváros supporters sit, it was at our place. We are in a free country with rights and the normal things is that anyone can have an opinion and they can tell them freely. In these things I think in a liberal way.

You have a specific way of understanding liberalism. Freedom of speech goes until...
...where I don’t offend others people right. I know but how I am limiting freedom of speech if I insult Újpest. If they don’t like it then they insult us.

We were talking about Csatáry but now it is enough. Do you think “Get out Orbán Viktor (President of Hungary)” is acceptable on the stands?
If it is the peoples opinion then why not?

“Get out Kubatov” is acceptable?
Of course. The fans have their rights to express their opinions about their own president.

He brought the money and he was behind the new stadium.
The stadium was built by the money of the taxpayers like mine and other ultras.

Which is distributed by the politicians again.
Stadiums are needed however politicians think that if they build one then they can tell what the fans should chant and they go even further and they tell who is a “real” fan and who is not. However, what we are chanting has a long history.

In the 1990s people were chanting different things and culture of the stands was way different even the "Üllői úti B-közép” ultras had different ways then the ones today. Your habits only are maybe 20 years old.
We didn’t hear the same from the older fans. After the communism fell then there were bigger riots on the stands and I remember that Diósgyőr had a banner which said “"gipsy death”" but it is interesting that it wasn’t a problem back then.

It was a problem back then however the politics and the football leaders didn’t want to change it and UEFA wasn’t that strict back then. What is your opinion about the anti-racism and anti-hatred campaign by the Ferencváros players?
I have no problem with that.

They are targeting you, aren’t they?
Don’t mix racism with fanaticism. We are not racist, we are fanatics.

Do you have contacts with other ultras groups?
Of course.

But in the stadium you call each other “gipsies and homosexuals”.
We still sit down and talk even with the Újpest ultras.

The Újpest ultras didn’'t attend Ferencváros-Újpest because you talked and decided to boycott together?
They didn’'t attend the game because they decided not to. There were little talks before but it was their decision. None of the ultras in Hungary are attending the games therefore all the games are boring now.

Ferencváros-Újpest had a great atmosphere with 20,000 people and “B-közép” was nearly full.
- Probably, we have different opinions on atmosphere. 
- Probably.

Do you think that was great atmosphere? (Capo asks questions)
You weren'’t there.

I watched the replay and I talked to people who were there and I have listened to their opinions. You will see what is a good atmosphere when the people who were protesting are able to return.
To get in, you will have to accept the vein scanner.


What is the real problem with this anyway? Seriously (Riporter again .)
It is the top of the iceberg. What is the point of it? I have never heard any good reason for it.

Kubatov Gábor said “Ultras like to have riots but they don’t want to take responsibility for the actions however if there is a vein scanner then they have don’t have the opportunity to avoid the punishment”
We couldn’t avoid the 300 HD camera and we didn’t say nothing about it. Also I want to add that I heard different things about the possibility of avoiding the system.

Kubatov Gábor says “If someone wants to cause problems then he just puts on a mask or puts a scarf over his head and no camera can identify him”
Kubatov also said that with the cameras he can read what I am writing on my phone.

To identify someone then they need to know who entered the stadium especially if there is legal consequences of a riot.
So, with that logic if I go through with the vein scanner and I put on a hoodie and a scarf then I can cause problems? (Capo )

- They can identify the person out of the couple of thousand fans. (Riporter)
- They could identify me if I would have a normal supporter card too. (Capo)

Only if you would use your own one and not borrow one from someone else. However, you can’t borrow a vein.
We still hear stories that there are people who are avoiding the vein scanner.

We also heard that the ultras are afraid that Kubatov, the government and the authorities will use the scanned veins for their own reasons. My question is “Do you have a smartphone”?
Yes, I do.

Credit card?

Email address?
Of course.

So if they know about everything then a vein scanner wouldnt really make a difference, would it?
I don’'t worry about these things. The police even knows that I am sitting here right now however I have nothing to hide. I am not scared of the vein scanner, I just don’t agree with it and I think it is unacceptable.

So what? What would happen if you would accept the system?
Then there would be a new stupid law.

No way!
10 years ago you would have laughed if I said that in 2015, you need to give all your personal details and you need to get a supporters card and in the end they will even scan your vein and on the top of that if you want to travel away then they tell you in what ways you can do that. There are no vein scanners in anywhere in the world!

There isn’'t but at Den Haag they make 3 photographs to the supporter card, one from the right, one from the left and one from the middle like for the criminals. Is that better?
And in a lot of places, you just walk to the stadium, buy a ticket. We just want to support our team like how we did before.

And Kubatov wants you to not support your team like how you did before.

I have the same opinion about the people who throw stuff, runs in or just want to get into fights and brings in Nazi emblems. They deserve to be banned. We don’t want anarchy!
Not enough.

So what if we all scan and we go in and Kubatov decides to ban us 150 of us. (Capo question)
You don’t need to do something which would get you banned.

He can just make up something because even today they are just making up who are banning from the stadium (Capo)
-Ferencváros only banned 15 supporters (riporter)
-Including me, until the summer of 2016. They said that I caused harm to Ferencváros because I didn’t have a ticket on my name for 10 games. (Capo)

Did you sneak in?
No, I didnt. I received free tickets from my friends in the academy and I have a friend in a company which supports Ferencváros and they receive a lot of tickets.

If you really love Ferencváros then you could of bought the tickets.
I have bought a season ticket since 2006 every year. If this is the problem then tell Kubatov to send me a receipt and I will pay for everything.

What you think about those ultras, who still go into to the stadium despite the boycott?
They are not ultras, just fans. They have rights to go in, it is their decision.

Kubatov Gábor says that your group is waiting for the people next to the stadium and you even had a fight with some ultras who are “traitors”
I didn’t hear about these things. However, I do have information about the fact that Kubatov sent some people to some of my friends house?

What did they to do them?
The same thing which Kubatov said what we doing. (beating up our fans)

Is it true that there are a lot of people between the security who were ultras before?
Yes, there are people who were ultras before.

Do you think them as traitors?
Lets just say I don’t like these transformations.

If you would meet Kubatov in a dark alley, what would happen?
We would have a great talk and I think all our problems would go away. It is really hard without communication.

Couple of slaps?
It would be just a friendly talk, in my opinion.

What do you think about Szőke Feri (security coordinator)?
What should be my opinion about him?.. I think he is the leader of the security services at the club.

Is he the person who defends Kubatov Gábor?
I don’t know who defends him but I think the security services will definitely protect the president.

Does he need protection?
Haha.. I don’t think so. We don’t want to attack him.

There would be huge consequences of that.
We are going on our own ways, we would like to return to our stadium in normal manners and not in a way where we attack Kubatov Gábor. Some people want to make the people think that we want that but in reality we are ready to talk.

Are you scared of Szőke?
We aren't scared of anyone.

Are you scared of the authorities and the police?
Fear is a relative concept. We are not close with the police but if they are nice to us then we respect them but if they are not nice then we raise our voices.

Do you really think that you can overthrow Kubatov?
Kubatov Gábor isn't the most important part of Ferencváros but the ultras are definitely important. For us, Kubatov is not important, what is important is that we can go in and support our team. However, it is a known fact that Kubatov is taking our team to a very wrong direction and he is destroying our traditions.

- Did you see the new eagle? What is that? (Capo asks)
- It is weird, but the old one wasn'’t a really nice one too. (Riporter)

What about the new fradi-song which is played when the players go in? What about that? (Capo asks)
- According to my knowledge, they are still go in to the pitch is still the old one.
- It isn't the classic one. It is a little bit faster and the sound of is different too. Fradi was always famous of sticking to their traditions.

Are you familiar with the traditions of Ferencváros?

Lets do a quick test
I didn’t come here to answer questions about the tradition.

Just a couple of questions. When was Ferencváros founded?
I don’t want to talk about when Ferencváros was founded.

You must know.
In 1899. May.

Correct. The football section?
1901, December.

December is correct but in 1900. When was the first championship win for Ferencváros?
I think we won the league in the third year.

Correct. 1903. The president who founded the club?
Springer Miklós. (Capo)
Springer…? (Riporter)
Ferenc. (Riporter)
Ferenc! (Capo)

Miklós is the cousin of Springer Ferenc and he was also a lawyer and he was a honoured citizen. Do you know what was the name of the area in 1899?

Why not Ferencváros?
The reason for that most of the people were speaking german in the area.

True. Mostly Germans and Hungarians were living there.
I know.

Budapest was really multicultural and it was going great. By the way third of the footballers and the owners of the club were Jewish like MTK which was founded in 1888. Also we have to note that the green-white colour was taken from the red-white-green colours. This is a heart-warming Hungarian story.
This is what I am talking about. Traditions, and what we see today? Ferencváros players were coming out in orange shirts to the game.

Barcelona is one of the best teams in the world and they still wear pink shirts sometimes. This is a part of modern football.
I still don’'t like it. The club has the traditional colours because they should wear them. This is UEFAs fault because everything is about the money now and they want to ruin our game, kill the emotions, but without emotions and passion the game will die out.

Half of the world is watching the modern teams like Barcelona,Real Madrid, Bayern Münich, Juventus and other great teams. There is passion there too but without hatred. Players love each other and fans drink together after the game and when they go home in the underground they don’t start a fight. It is really nice.
This isn't true. For example check Dortmund where they had fans running into to the pitch and they were wearing ski masks and lighting up flares. They also had riots on the street and they sing offensive chants too. There is hatred there too.

What they sing about?
They insult others too. I think football is not just a business however if it is then it should mean that the fans are even more important than now and we should let them be happy and do things which they enjoy. They should not follow the orders.

I don'’t think that in Barcelona or in Madrid the system controls the fans but lets leave this topic now. What would make you return to the stands?
They should just abolish the vein scanner.

We hear rumours that the ultras would be happy if they abolish the vein scanner in their sector but what is the point of doing that? I mean your stands had the riots before so why you should be exception? Also you said it before, the vein scanner is not the problem, the problem is what it represents. If the ultras get the exception, the vein scanner will still represent Kubatovs authority.
We should start somewhere. They want something and we want something too. We should meet in the middle. We want to talk with them but we have a pre-condition which is no vein scanner in our sector.

Then you can spend a couple more years outside of the stadium at “Liget”. How long you will continue with that?

Yes, we will never give up.

How can you survive without football? The point of the game is to see Gera, Böde, Dibusz and etc. Isn’'t it?
We not just want to see the players, we want to create a great atmosphere and we want to full house at all games. We aren't just called the 12th player for no reason.

It is difficult to be the 12th player outside of the stadium. Are you going to be sad if Ferencváros wins the league next year?
- Why would I be sad? (Capo)
- Because it would mean that the club can achieve its aims without the ultras. (Riporter)
- We aren't that crazy. We are crazy about Ferencváros and we want them to be successful. I want to note that the community of Ferencváros are not the people who can be controlled like a sheep. We have a road which we follow and the people in the community think the same and follow our route. (Capo)

You never doubt yourself?
If I would be standing with 20 people then I would say that we are rebels and idiots who are against the system but against Újpest, there were 6000 people at Népliget. 6000 people would be wrong? I don'’t think so.

If someone is fanatical it doesn'’t immediately means that he is right.
These people were following teams in snow and in cold. When we played Fehérvár in the storm then we were called “Sons of Kubatov”. Our group the “Green Monsters” attended all home and away games before the ban. This includes the games away. I see how the people in our group look since we cannot attend.

For these people, Ferencváros is their life and they were preparing for a week before games to be able to chant and maybe drink a couple of drinks. This helped to relieve stress. Now, they are really tense because the system took away something from their life which was permanent. Before, we had 90 minutes which was ours and now we have nothing.

“If the ulltras respect the rules and they learn to behave then they can stay because we need their support however if they don’t change, then they have to go”. Kubatov Gábor said that.
If he really thinks that then we think that he should leave and not us. We were there before and we will be there in the future. Ultras cannot be just sent away because Ferencváros is nothing without them and they are nothing without Ferencváros too. Ultras should be on the stands and no one should try to chase us away or change us. Instead, we should find a solution for this situation.

Interjú : www.hir24.hu - ott megtalálhatjátok magyarul is, aki nem olvasta volna még .
Köszönjük a fordítást : 1234-nek .


Kapcsolódó :
Interjú a Green Monsters-sel .:  

Ferencvaros is just the start…

If it is not clear then we are here to help.
The scanner is a business and nothing else.

It is a business which means that it is a lot of money for someone.
When it got public that the vein scanner will be introduced at Groupama then some people from Ferencvaros’s Ultras group found the maker of this vein scanner. It was a rough road but they found it.

The company is called Biosec and the fans went to their main office.

A lot of things have been said there and one day we will tell more about that but the point is that Ferencvaros is just the start. They will use the example of Ferencvaros in other countries.

They are advertising themselves using the name of Ferencvaros.
They introduced it but no one knows how much did it really “cost” however apparently it was only a couple of million HUF (Hungarian forints) according to Biosec.

It is unclear why Ferencvaros wanted to be the start of this. It may have been because “someone” requested it. A lot of people think the people who requested it were leaders in the Hungarian Parliament at FIDESZ but also a couple of people think that no one requested this from the government. They think that Kubatov saw the opportunity of securing a good business deal.

Another thing which is sure that YouTube has a video where they are promoting this scanner which is available at different languages which can be evidence that Biosec and Ferencvaros are working together on getting the scanner worldwide.

There are rumours which are telling that Orosz Pal is using the death of Spanish ultras and the fights on the street. After the event, they called a couple of Spanish club where they promoted the “success of Ferencvaros” with the scanner. It is unclear why they are doing this, it may be that they can get money if it goes to other countries.

Biosec is trying to sell their technique at Germany and at the USA.

To end this article, we can clearly see that the scanner has no intention other than money and business which got the help from Kubatov to "kick-start" the business.

The slogan is that “The scanner is protecting the small children from racist, “trouble-making” fans but in reality it is just business.

Magyarul :

Még a boltokban meg sem jelent az újság , "nekünk" már elküldték előre is a lengyel lap szerkesztői ,így le lett fordítva ...
köszönjük az újabb erőfeszítéseket somebodytoldme .

Minden a vadonat új, modern stadionnal kezdődött. A szurkolók elbúcsúztak a régi Albert Flórián után elnevezett stadiontól – legendás ferencvárosi játékos aki egész karrierjét egy csapatnál töltötte – az összes lehetséges módon, görögtüzekkel és koreográfiával (a To My Kibice + már írt erről korábban). Aztán elkészült az új épület – a Groupama Aréna. A Ferencvárosnál jelenleg rengeteg pénz van, amit gazdag magyarok támogatásából áll, de a sport eredményeken ez egyelőre nem látszik. A Ferencváros vezetője Kubatov Gábor, az ultrák ellensége és Orbán Viktor egyik bizalmasa.
Már régóta ismert volt, hogy az új stadion a modern futball követelményeinek megfelelő nevetséges újdonságokkal, modernizált biztonságtechnikával fog készülni. A Ferencváros esetében ez ujjlenyomat leolvasást jelent, ami nem csak az ultrák jogainak felrúgása, de az emberek alapvető jogainak lábbal tiprása. Teljes kivizsgálás, mely alkalmas minden személyes információ megszerzésére.

A Fradi természetesen tüntetésbe kezdett, melynek jelképe egy áthúzott kéz (a Szurkolók személyiségi jogok nélkül embléme). A Sliema Wanderers elleni meccsen volt egy tüntetés, mindenki fehér pólót viselt ezzel az emblémával. Ez megismétlődött a Rijeka elleni meccsen is. Ezek a mérkőzések még a Nemzeti Stadionban voltak megtartva, az új stadion még váratott magára. Az átadón a Chelseavel játszottak, természetesen a mérkőzést bojkottálták a szurkolók és a mérkőzés ideje alatt Rapid Wien szurkolóival játszottak egy barátságos mérkőzést.

Meg kell említenünk még a Rijeka elleni idegenbeli mérkőzést, ahová egy nagyobb csoport indult kártya nélkül. Nem tudtak jegyet venni Budapesten, de a horvát csapattól ígéretet kaptak rá, hogy a helyszínen megvásárolhatóak lesznek a belépők. De az összes extra jegyet felvásárolta Kubatov. A hírhedt Fradi Security szintén megjelent Horvátországban és személyesen adták át a jeggyel nem rendelkező szurkolókat a rendőrségnek.

Az augusztus vége olyan volt, mint egy vihar a kék égen (lengyel kifejezés, ha valami nem várt dolog történik). A capo és tizenkét további szurkoló 3000 euros büntetést és kitiltást kapott rasszista szurkolásért. A kamerák és a security segítségével ismerték fel őket.

A ferencvárosi szituáció szürreálisnak tűnik. Augusztus 31.-én az egyik derbyre csak 400 sálas ment el. Csak összehasonlítás ként, korábban ezrek kísérték el csapatukat. A security szponzorálásaval megjelent egy új csoport, akikről senki sem tudja, hogy kicsodák. Néhányan megpróbálták leszedni a drapijukat, de a security hamar a segítségékükre sietett(már a fizetett faszszopókéra – a fordító). Még egy dolog, amit érdemes megemlíteni az új csoporttal kapcsolatban. A drapijuk a legendás B-Középre hivatkozik, mely 1928 óta aktív.

Ezek hatására az új szezonban a magyar szurkolói élet nagy krízisbe került. Habár Miskolcon újra kezdődött a szurkolás és a frissen visszakerült Nyíregyháza is rendelkezik aktív szurkolókkal, a távolmaradók listája jóval jelentősebb. Videoton, Ferencváros, Kispest tüntet. Az újpesti helyzet sem sokkal jobb – mindent a security irányít itt is, mely az összefogás ellen van. Ráadásul a security dönt arról, hogy ki számít problémásnak és kit engednek be a stadionokba. A Fradi Security tagjai totális barmok szabályok és tisztelet nélkül. Ex-huligánok, kidobók, volt rendőrök és bűnözők. Kutyák, akik gazdáikhoz lojálisak csak. Főnökük egy volt ferencvárosi, aki tíz évet ült emberölés miatt. Teljesen büntetlenül cselekedhetnek akár a stadionon kívül is, melyre jó példa a Fidesz székház elfoglalói ellen tanúsított fellépésük. Ki engedné meg ezeknek, hogy hozzáférjenek az ujjlenyomatainkhoz? 

(Az eredeti cikk a To My Kibice-ben jelent meg. Lengyelről angolra fordította scyzoryk, angolról magyarra somebodytoldme az ultras-tifo fórumának aktív tagjai. A cikk egy oldalas volt.)

Supporters Without Privacy PART I.

Meanwhile writing the first part of the report I’ve already known we will have to write about it again. We introduced you a lot of names and events already happened before the start of our championship. So Hungarian League started let’s see what’s happening right now.

(Julian Jenner, explayer of Ferencváros who were forced to leave.)

Kispest Honvéd – Dunaújváros, first round. „Ultras are not criminals” banner was taken of by security. Hemingway (hungarian-american owner of the club) ordered to take off the banner.

Ferencváros played their first game in Kecskemét, they got 1500 tickets but „thanks” to the friendly actions by the club only 800 of the supporters could attend the game. First time for Ferencváros not having a full away sector int he opening of our championship. Tickets could be bought only with the new registration cards.

Later Kubatov (President of Ferencvaros) said only the first three games will be avaible with the old cards, later everybody must have the new one. Leadership of the security got 15 000 euro for defending Kubatov’s name, support the team and create a new ultra group.

(Family friendly security with multiple body search which is illegal according to the rules of Hungarian Football League.)

Meanwhile almost every group of Hungary supported Ferencváros with wearing white t-shirts. MTK Budapest ,Kispest Budapest ,Újpest Budapest ,Diosgyor ,Debrecen ,Videoton ,Gyori ETO ,Pécs ,Pápa ,Kecskemét ,Dunaújváros ,Paks ,Nyíregyháza ,Békéscsaba ,Szeged ,Zalaegerszeg ,Csepel ,Vác ,Érd ,Szentendre ,Méhkerék. From abroad Pogon, Dunaszerdahely, Rapid Wien.
(K. Kielce - POGON SZ.)

Co-founder of FradiMedia also left the management of Ferencvaros because of its politics against the ultras. Respect.

So the new stadium opened.

Szurkolóhang = supporters’ voice. From the voice technics with only one button the voice of supporters will be played. Ferencvaros supporters group (B-Közép, name of the sector) existing since 1928, it is the most disrespectful thing we can imagine. 

New feature of the stadium. Supporting from computer! There are no supporters, the sound was coming from the stadium's system!

That’s how you enter the stadium.

We mostly speak about Ferencvaros, but for example Kispest is fighting with their owner for years and everybody has to register himself in every football club. So it started with Ferencváros but we suffer it all.

Videoton – Győri ETO
The groups and the leadership of the club had communication disagrement so they couldn’t coordinate it with the club. Security took away 500 kgs of confetti without question so the choreo could not be shown.

Official opening of the stadium were getting closer against Chelsea. Many supporters boycotted because of the card system much more because of the high ticket prices. On August 10th the stadium opened but there was no full house which is a shame for the leadership of Ferencvaros. All of there choices (both the high prices and the new security system) was against the supporters. At the end to have the full house they sold the tickets on half price or gave it as a present for many companies.

Ont he same day Ferencvaros supporters made a friendly game with Rapid Wien fanatics. The atmosphere was fantastic I think it is showing the difference between real football and modern football.

First away game was against Győr where 1100 Ferencváros fan arrived but the security took the choreography of Ferencvaros (Supporters without privacy).

Meanwhile in Pécs, the owner introduced the new registration card because of his club’s ultras political views (they were the most active supporters of Palestine in hungarian ultras’ movement). So Pécs had the new card system and int he ultra sector ticket prices were rised. Since that ultras of Pécs are boycotting (they have a pretty active scene in hungarian ustawka, arranged fight movement).

Ont he first game Ferenvaros were already boycotting and the new group financed by the president of Ferencvaros showed up. The new capo was paid by the president who did not even know the songs so he had it printed. Shameful.

For the record let me tell you a couple things about the first home game. The ultras of Ferencváros were protesting as you can see but many other simple fans were there. The songs did not work without the ultras, a handful supporters of Nyíregyháza were more loud. Whole stadium chant only when they sang about Újpest and Nyíregyháza, when they scolded. Of course MLSZ (Hungarian Football League) could not say that all of their efforts did not work. So even the stadium was loud from obscene chants they did not have any kind of fines. Interesting if you ask me. When Nyíregyháza ultras chant against the president of Ferencvaros and supported the real ultras of Fradi the crowd yelled them over.

Ont he next home game papers were given to everybody who did not know the songs (with the text of the songs on them).

Újpest – Kispest, another derby of Budapest. Where MLSZ manipulated a video which were uploaded to their site. They changed the original sound of it so they could show ultras in a negative role. However a lot of us recognized it, MLSZ tried to delete the video but it was already out.

So came the Eternal derby, Ferencvaros against MTK with only 900 viewers which is the lowest number int he history of this derby. Many supporters were not allowed into the stadium because they did not come with the rest of supporters, they did not use the official meeting point and did not come with security escort. However a group of 8 men could attend the game and tried to take off the „B-Közép 1928” banner which is used by paid supporters of Kubatov. The security went int o help their paid supporters, the leader of the security attacked one of the real ultras. Another one threated them with stabbing. After the incident two steward was arrested! (Don’t forget the part one, most of them criminals, killers, bouncers…)

There was not a single day when somebody did not have a call from police, etc. Meanwhile supporters were banned from games in a 4th league team, Komló.

Banning also started at Ferencvaros, the capo and 12 other members had a two year long ban with checks of one million forints.

The UEFA fined the club with 20000 euros after the game against Sliema Wanderers. Kubatov wanted supporters to pay it, even they were not presented on that game (they were not allowed into the stadium, you can read about it). Ferencvaros appealed against the fine and won it so supporters did not have to pay it. Bans stayed active. But if UEFA said there was nothing so they don’t have to pay the fine why there are a dozen of people banned?

In Part One we wrote about „family visits” but let see how does it work. MLSZ, Kubatov and Hemingfuckingway also use that method. First of all they attack in different ways, reports against you in newspapers, bans then they threath your family, business,etc. Co-founder of FradiBusz were visited in his work, as they arrived to the shop they sent out his girlfriend then they asked him about his behaviour and problems about the new security system. Told him that they could come and destroy his shop without problem after that little talk they left the shop.

Hungary – Northern Ireland

The game was held int he new stadium of Ferencvaros, security take out everybody who was member of Carpathian Brigade (Ultras of Hungarian National Team), who wore Supporters without privacy shirts, who did not want to sit down, who wanted to sing while standing.

Few days ago Ferencvaros played against Vecsés in Hungarian League. The game was in Budapest and only 69 registrated supporter of Ferenvaros came to the match. These people faced two things, the security waited for them with all of their names on a paper and the real supporters of Ferenvaros were in the sectors of Vecsés.

ltras Ferencvaros were in the home sector with 800 of them, thanks to the leadership of Vecsés. Ultras told them they wil support without any trouble. However a men of Kubatov went to the real ultras and dropped a firework into the pitch.

http://youtu.be/W7qkaKglG0c , ( from 19:05 )
In this video you can see that the capo of Ferencvaros went for the troublemaker. He was arrested later and the shameful action of Kubatov went public.

Facebook page of Green Monsters (leading Ferencvaros group) was deleted also the site of Ferencvaros supporters, Fradimob, was banned and deleted. Ferenvaros supporters will have a huge demonstartion ont he day of the derby against Újpest. Fradibusz system will work again and every group will follow the game on a projector. Everybody welcomed there.

By the way, from September 15th registration card will be needed on every hungarian game. I will write about it here.

Soroksar – Zalaegerszeg

Police banned all the home and away fans from this game. Noone knows why.

Videoton – Újpest
Online ticket saleing were not allowed because of „security issues” until one day before the game. So people could buy tickets for only one day. You could buy tickets only in Újpest, according to rumours police would not allow anybody near the stadium without tickets.

Ferencvaros – Puskas Academy

Meanwhile the group of paid supporters became active they are making choreos financed by the club and so on. The situation is very-very similar to the conflict between Mamic and real BBB. However Fradi Security agressive against the new supporters too, they attacked and humilited members of it. The final solution will be banning all the groups, even it is paid and financed by the club. There is a chance for many real ultras and hooligans can’t go to Romania if they will need registration card for it. It is a possible end, no ultras will go to Bukarest!

Let’s speak about other teams too.

Kispest Honvéd – I’m planning to write their stories too. But maybe it will be much longer then the case of Ferencvaros. First ultras of Hungary and first one who fight against the repression. They have such a fight for years, boycotting and supporting depending on their relation with the owner. Hemingway (jewish owner) rised ticket prices, banned them and so on.

Just to imagine the situation there is a new story about Kispest’s owner. There is a hungarian rapper who is also a succesful business man. He is a big supporter of Kispest, he also support it with money. For VIP you have to pay a lot of money which he did but security did not allow him to the VIP sector. He told that to the public and after that the president of Kispest attacked him in the media. Since then this supporter stopped paying for VIP benefits and called back four luxury cars he gave to the team for free use. One of the cars given free were used by Hemingway, the owner. That much idiot he is.

Thanks to the leadership of their club and registartion card, Ultras Kispest is boycotting.

Videoton – the team could make an agreement with MLSZ so their supporters don’t have to use the new card system. However ultras of Videoton thinks union int hat case the most important so they are boycotting too.

Diósgyőr - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJk3q4n-vJc Another manipulated video by MLSZ, the sound was edited! Old habits from communism I guess. Supporters of Diósgyőr will also boycotting.

I could list many other teams, almost everybody joining the boycott. It looks like Újpest won’t however a part of them is already boycotting and meanwhile their fight noone supported them. They have a good relationship with current owner who made an agreement with MLSZ so they don’t need cards for a while. Understandable.

Let’s end this report with a choreography from Nyíregyháza which shows the current situation perfectly.

Left side: "the way we love it" Right side: "the way you (Hungarian Football League) want it" on the banner: "censured"

Left :


I also want to say thank you for all the hard work and support from Ultras-tifo and Hungarian Ultras, Ultras Liberi. Thank you all the people who is interested and ask as about the situation, all of our friends from abroad, from a different country. Thank you for sharing our story and fight in different online and offline magazines. Thank you To My Kibice and many other people and magazines! I personally also want to show my honor for the long fight of Bad Blue Boys and Ultras Kispest who are fighting for years and did not give up.