Ferencvaros is just the start…

If it is not clear then we are here to help.
The scanner is a business and nothing else.

It is a business which means that it is a lot of money for someone.
When it got public that the vein scanner will be introduced at Groupama then some people from Ferencvaros’s Ultras group found the maker of this vein scanner. It was a rough road but they found it.

The company is called Biosec and the fans went to their main office.

A lot of things have been said there and one day we will tell more about that but the point is that Ferencvaros is just the start. They will use the example of Ferencvaros in other countries.

They are advertising themselves using the name of Ferencvaros.
They introduced it but no one knows how much did it really “cost” however apparently it was only a couple of million HUF (Hungarian forints) according to Biosec.

It is unclear why Ferencvaros wanted to be the start of this. It may have been because “someone” requested it. A lot of people think the people who requested it were leaders in the Hungarian Parliament at FIDESZ but also a couple of people think that no one requested this from the government. They think that Kubatov saw the opportunity of securing a good business deal.

Another thing which is sure that YouTube has a video where they are promoting this scanner which is available at different languages which can be evidence that Biosec and Ferencvaros are working together on getting the scanner worldwide.

There are rumours which are telling that Orosz Pal is using the death of Spanish ultras and the fights on the street. After the event, they called a couple of Spanish club where they promoted the “success of Ferencvaros” with the scanner. It is unclear why they are doing this, it may be that they can get money if it goes to other countries.

Biosec is trying to sell their technique at Germany and at the USA.

To end this article, we can clearly see that the scanner has no intention other than money and business which got the help from Kubatov to "kick-start" the business.

The slogan is that “The scanner is protecting the small children from racist, “trouble-making” fans but in reality it is just business.

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