Labdarúgó Super Liga - 11.forduló
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DAC - SKS 1-1
5.781 - néző

Dunaszerdahelyiek :

"Akarata ellenére senki nemfosztható meg a SZK állampolgárságától ... "

"I should have so much more to tell,
And if I do, maybe it will not have time
Let me explain how good that we are here
And like old friends, I say, and think of one

Although the point is not understandable
Until you've lived a difficult year for
That no matter what, as long as we live, and die
We are of one blood

As the lightning tore lone pine,
As the stream of water lost as kicking away the stone,
Like a tired wanderer who quietly asks for food
Home, house, houses, already no longer hope for peace

As the torn-off, dying flower
Than five million ethnic Hungarians, who has not heard the big world
As the dust fell core, we are no longer comes
- If you do not take care of us - what are we without you"

Képek : Lelkes Ernő és Vojtík Szimona
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