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Ricardo Moniz :
Ricardo Moniz (born 17 June 1964) is a Dutch football coach and former football player. Moniz is currently manager of Notts County. On 21 August 2012, Ricardo Moniz was appointed as the new manager of the Hungarian League club Ferencvárosi TC. At FTC his devotion to football became immediately popular among fans and many successes followed.

His message to the fans:
Dear supporters, my friends!
First of all, I would like to thank everything you have done for me before.
I will never forget the times when we achieved great things together and I want you to be successful forever. A sad thing which happened to me at Ferencváros happened because I told the truth. I know that there are a lot of problems at Ferencváros but the only solution I see is to not make the same mistake which I did. I was protecting the people who deserved to be protected like doctors and some of the people working for the club.
You cannot change the system however they have some good intentions too. The thing is that you are always separated from the club therefore it is difficult to solve the problem. I want Ferencváros to be successful because it is my club too and it has a place in my heart and you have a place in my heart too (referring to the fans). I want to make sure that the things which we achieved together form a base for the club and not go in waste. When we worked together it was a special time in my life. I learned a lot of things from you and maybe you learned some things from me too. We were open-minded towards each other even though we had completely different view on the world however we still built a great relationship between us. When we first met I knew that we will form a great team because you accepted me. This was quite unique in the history of football. Remember these times because these times can help you to build a future because Ferencváros is a great team. If you make the same mistake which I did and defend some people then Ferencváros will not be united. I want Ferencváros to be united.
After that certain game against Újpest, I was invited to a morning talk show where I tried to defend you. I will always defend you until I die. Unfortunately they didnt care and there was a meeting after the game with Mr. Kubatov and with Mr. Orosz. I tried to bring you together to Népliget but there was too much conflict therefore I didnt succeed. The only way to succeed is to stay in touch with Kubatov and you try to solve the problem by communicating. Communication is the only solution. You are strong but Kubatov has the power too therefore the relationship is needed. I dont think Ferencváros will have a great future without the relationship and the communication. You are the best fans in the world and the best I have ever seen. The club needs you because without you, they dont have a future.
It always gives me great pleasure when I talk about you and I have a lot of memory. I remember the game against Videoton where we won 2-1 and there was a huge storm and I also remember the game in the cup when we won 5-1 or the games against Újpest. It would be really sad if these would disappear. I repeat myself but I really think that the most important thing is communication.
I made the mistake that I said the truth too much, maybe if I didnt say it then I would be still there. The board made a mistake and they think that they are more important than the club but it is not true. The most important people at the club are the players and the fans. The players, the fans are the people who I would fight for and I would die for. I died inside when Akeem died in Ferencváros but you dont have to die. I hope it is clear. You all should be positive and you should keep your heads up and have a big smile on your face. I am your friends and I will always remain your friends but do not fall in this conflict because it will not solve anything. I send lots of love to you.
Stay strong Ferencváros. Fanaticism have a place in the stadium.
Your friend, Ricardo

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“Sajnálom, hogy nincsen igazi teltház és a szurkolók egy része más utat választott… Szerettem volna megtapasztalni, hogy milyen is az igazi ferencvárosi hangulat!”

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